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El Pincho Bar & Restaurant
Unit 16 Riverwalk
Framwellgate Bridge
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Appetizers from the Mediterranean Menu
Halkidiki Olives £4.50  V GF VEGAN
large green sweet and juicy olives served with a homemade balsamic dip.
Dates - £5.50
Wrapped in smoked bacon and coated in a honey mustard glaze
Spanish tomato bread  £5.50
grated tomato and onion and seasonings spread over fresh artisan bread
served with black olives and sweet balsamic dip V
Potato Croquettes £5.50
Smokey bacon potato croquettes sat on a bed a tomato chutney

Sharing Platters
Greek Salad  £10.95
fresh tomato, cucumber, peppers, red onion and feta cheese served with a homemade tzatziki and pitta fingers. V
Spanish Platter  £13.95
Manchego cheese, served with stuffed olives, Serrano ham and artizan breads & balsamic dip
Stuffed Artizan loaf - £10.95
stuffed with camembert cheese , carmelised onions and fresh rosemary V
Canarian Chicken - £13.95
crispy chicken thighs served with mojo sauces and french fries

Meat Dishes £7.50
Beef Stifado
slow cooked diced beef simmered with tomato and onion and rice Greek seasonings GF
Pork Skewers
Slow cooked pork skewers- coated in a lemon and herb marinade (GF)
Meat Balls
Spicy meat balls simmered in a rich tomato and basil sauce (GF)
King Prawns
Chorizo and king prawns pan fried with Spanish white onions and garlic butter (GF)
Belly Pork
Sticky belly pork cuts coated in a sweet honey glazed mustard dressing (GF)
Spicy flank steak pan fried with green peppers and onions (GF)
Slow cooked diced Moroccan lamb
simmered in vibrant spices and coated in a apricot gravy
Fish Dishes £7.50
King Prawns
Garlic king prawns simmered with onions, garlic, fresh parsley and lemon wedges (GF)
Mussels simmered in a white wine garlic onions and cream sauce (GF)
Squid served with sweet chilli, fresh ginger, spring onions and peppers
King Prawns
King prawns with sweet chilli, fresh ginger, spring onions and peppers
Pickled Anchovies mixed with tomatoes & onions and coated with a fresh dill and lemon drizzle (GF)
Scrambled Eggs
Mixed with garlic, diced onion, mushrooms and peeled prawns (GF)
Side Dishes
Hallumi Fries (v)   £5.50
Crisp and slightly salty shallow-fried halloumi
French Fries (v) (vegan) £3.50
Sweet Potato Fries (v) (vegan) £3.50
Mojo Sauces £2.50
Red / Green £2.50
Tomato & Onion Salad (v) (GF) (vegan) £4.50
Creamy Coleslaw £2.50
Cabbage, carrots and onions,mayo, lemon juice and mustard
Carmelised Onion Hummus with Celery Sticks (v) (vegan)  £4.50
Vegetable Dishes £6.00
Canarian potatoes
served with mojo sauces (V) (GF) (VEGAN)
Green sauce –coriander cumin garlic olive oil, salt
Red sauce – roasted peppers, garlic, paprika, olive oil
Grilled aubergines
topped with mozzarella and tomato chilli jam   GF V
Padron peppers
Oven backed with sea salt and garlic and olive oil (V) (VEGAN)
Potatas Bravas
Diced potatoes pan fried with and served with oleoli (V) (GF)
Vine Leaves
Stuffed vine leaves sat on homemade tzatziki (V) (GF)
Cheesy nachos, topped with homemade salsa, warm cheese sauce and sliced jalapeno’s (V)
Onion & Tomato Salad
Spanish tomato & white onion salad served with warm bread and mojo dips (V)
Vegetable skewers
mixed peppers, onions, cherry tomatoes served with garlic dip or mojo dip  (V) (GF) (VEGAN)
Children’s menu is available on request
3 For £10 or £3.50 Each
Warmed Pincho’s All sat on ciabatta toast coated with a garlic and olive oil rub Topped with
Spanish ham, mozzarella cheese, sweet tomato jam
Black pudding, roasted red peppers sweet tomato jam and fried quail’s egg
Spanish ham, frittata and fried quail’s egg
Flavoured Pork fillet, roasted padron peppers, garlic mayonnaise
Goats cheese, sliced chorizo and apricot jam topped with chopped walnuts
Mozzarella, pesto & warmed sliced tomato & fresh basil (V)
Caramelised red onions, melted brie & Spanish ham topped with cherry tomato
Spicy meatball mozzarella cheese and roasted red peppers and sweet chilli
Prime sliced steak Topped with melted gorganzola cheese and carmelised onions
Desserts £6.50
Hot chocolate fudge brownie
served with fresh pouring cream V
Spanish churrios
coated in sugar and cinnamon and served with a chocolate dipping sauce V
Italian Tirmasu
served with a espresso on the side V
Caramel sundae
vanilla ice cream topped with warm caramel sauce ,squirty cream and chopped nuts V  GF
Cookie Dough ( 15 mins to cook )
served in a hot skillet topped with butterscotch sauce and madagascan vanilla ice cream  V
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